Packing Tips for Hour-Glass Figured Women!

Packing Tips for Hour-Glass Figured Women!

Do you absolutely freak out while packing? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. A lot of full-figured women dread the time when they have to pack for their getaway and it is a nightmare since nothing seems to fit! If you have planned a romantic weekend with your partner and want to look your absolute best at all times, then stop feeling flummoxed and learn to accept your body the way it is. Also, stop hiding your curvy-licious body under oversized, baggy clothes that actually do not help but give the illusion that you are carrying more weight.

When packing for a romantic weekend, it is always better to get versatile clothes because a holiday is all about comfort and letting go of yourself. Here are a few tips that might help you on your next packing-expedition!

Tanks and Shorts Are a Must-Have!

If it is a summer getaway, then it is probably near the beach or somewhere that has a pool. Shorts and tanks are plus size holiday clothes items that one can practically live in for a few days. If you are conscious about grabbing too much attention onto your thighs, then go for shorts that fall below your knee or no more than three inches above. As black is going to be too heavy for the beach, try navy blue or you could also go for shorts in playful colors and a lot of prints and designs that offers a slimming effect. As for the tank tops, stick to wider straps or if you choose spaghetti straps, then don’t forget to wear a jacket or a shrug.

Gorgeous Pool Dresses

Plus size holiday dresses are perfect for a afternoon lunch or a lazy stroll by the pool with your partner by your side. These dresses can be worn on top of your swimsuit and hence, choose ones that are long and flowy with a structured top. If you are someone who is top-heavy, then V-neck or halter-neck dresses would be your best bet. Do not go for strapless ones.

Be Ready for A Surprise Dinner Date!

Always be ready for unexpected things while on a holiday! Your spouse might just decide to surprise you by taking you for a lovely date on a luxurious restaurant. You would definitely want to look your best, right? Maxi and short dresses in playful colors or sequin-studded is another must-have plus size resort wear as it is versatile, chic yet very comfortable to wear. With a stylish belt to cinch the waist and flatter the curves and lovely looking heels, you will be ready to grab eyeballs wherever you go.

If one is comfortable with wear skirts or capris, then even that is a wonderful option. Do not limit yourself just because you are a voluptuous woman. Think out of the box, mix n match and play with colors and print to find your perfect look. Just make sure to get clothes that fit and flatter your body instead of wearing something that is either too tight or too loose. Do not shy away from showing a lot of skin as that creates a slimming illusion! Have a happy holiday.

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