Plus Size Women are Rocking the Flannel Trend. Time to Stock Up!

Plus Size Women are Rocking the Flannel Trend. Time to Stock Up!

Flannel shirts are extremely popular among both men and women due to its softness and styling possibilities. It was made popular by the grunge and metal bands of the ’90s and burly men engaged in outdoor activities, but this trend has been reimagined to suit the needs of the contemporary fashion-conscious gents and fashionistas. Men have always had a love for plaid shirts and women have recently starting catching up on the trend owing to its versatility. Women can look insanely simply yet chic by just pairing a plaid shirt with a pair of well-fitting denims and boots.

Hides the Flaws

Unlike other garments, plus size women’s flannel shirts can be worn oversized over a pair of leggings, denims or jeggings and it looks absolutely perfect. For women who are a bit skeptical about the fat in their tummy or thighs, this is a great way to hide the imperfections and look like a million dollars. Plus there is the added advantage of staying warm and cozy even when the weather is cold outside.

Layering Up is Easy

Usually one would have to choose between comfort and fashion. But with plus size flannel shirts for women, one can have both. The best part about flannels is that it can be worn throughout the year because the unique feature of the fabric lets the wearer stay cool during summer and warm during winters. When the temperature drops gregariously, one can always layer it up with a tee inside, blazer, jacket or coat outside.

Accessorize for a Feminine Touch

A lot of women still feel that plaid shirts are too manly! But that can be solved by wearing the right accessories. A long necklace, beanie and a trendy clutch bag teamed up with a flannel shirt worn with skirts, floral printed shorts or a dress would help fashionistas look elegant and stylish. But overdoing it is not a good idea because these shirts look fab the way they are.

Plaid Shirt Dress

To further grab the attention of women towards this raging trend, designers and manufacturers have designed plus size flannel shirt dress in full and half sleeve styles that can be worn as it is or with well-fitted bottoms. To accentuate the curves, voluptuous women can use a belt to cinch at the waist.

Retail store owners can stock up on the latest flannel shirt and shirt dress trend for women by getting in touch with renowned plus size flannel shirt wholesaler and can hope to get outstanding package deals on bulk buying.

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