Polo Shirt Etiquette: Things That You Must Know

Polo Shirt Etiquette: Things That You Must Know

Polo t-shirts are most men’s favorite. One of the most noted London wholesale clothing suppliers provides a sophisticated collection. These t-shirts are preferred to such an extent that some even wear them to formal outings with a tailored blazer, while others wear them regularly to the office as a smart part of the business-casual outfit. But if you want to sport the ultimate gentleman’s look wearing them, then make sure you remember these dos and don’ts given below.

Do Check The Fit

See to it that you are wearing your own size. It should never be either too tight, or too loose. You should feel comfortable in it. Get a smaller size if there’s a lot of space, whereas, go for a bigger size if you are unable to stick a finger between your sleeves and biceps. Remember, top-quality polo t-shirts will always be made of light, smooth materials like cotton. So, they will hug you in all the right places without appearing too revealing.

Don’t Reach Out For An Undershirt

Never even think of wearing an undershirt with a polo t-shirt. They don’t blend well. There are chances that the undershirt might slide or slip out and that won’t be a very pleasing sight for the viewers, especially if you are around women. If you are stressing because of perspiration and that’s the reason you want to wear an undershirt then better apply some deodorant but polo t-shirts and shirts aren’t a match!

Do Wear It Tucked In

If you want to appear a bit less formal for an upcoming event or dress down your formal attire then replace your dress shirt with your polo t-shirt and wear a blazer on top of it. The polo t-shirt should be tucked in, obviously. The key to looking great is to ensure that the polo fits you well. Go for a too big or too long shirt and you can easily become the talk of the town, though not in any positive way.

Don’t Pop Your Collar

No, popping the collar of your polo t-shirt doesn’t make the look, but breaks it big time. Trying such a dangerous stunt will make you look like a school kid!

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