Quirk up Your Closet with Top 4 Print Ideas Materialized by Sublimation Technology

Quirk up Your Closet with Top 4 Print Ideas Materialized by Sublimation Technology

The idea of sublimation printing has made a discernible transformation in the world of clothing by introducing the charms of comic strip and animated characters from the yellow pages and the screen. While the prints and colors seem attractive on the cool t-shirts and sweatshirts, the use of high-tech fabric tend to get well gelled up with the sublimation inks, leaving a fade free finesse to the outfits. So as you plant to experiment with your style and add a quirky touch to the outfit, here are some ideas that you can look up to, for some reputed manufacturers are all ready to give shapes to your imaginations.Sublimation Clothing WholesalePages of the comic strip
Be it the flirtatious Archies or the adventure reporter Tintin, the world of fiction is well revived on smart and casual t-shirts. The white or black backdrop is most suitable for the prints to be effectively visible for others, but you can choose other bright colors like blue and yellow and watch how the pages of your favorite comic book come alive.

Many leading wholesale sublimation clothing manufacturers are offering a large number of comic strip printed t-shirts for retailers who can expand their stocks with them as well as impress their customers with their stunning color and prints appeal.

Splashes of colors with ombre effects
This year designers have been using lots of colors in shades of pastel and pop for the Spring/Summer couture. So ditch your monochrome tees and shirts and have your eyes fixed on the ones with riots of colors splashing over the fabric, adding a bit of flair to the entire outfit. Talking about the uses of colors, the eye-catching ombre effects with different shades of hues sashaying down the t-shirt in contrasting degrees make for a cool ritzy-zesty appeal.Wholesale Sublimation ClothingLovely minions with humorous quotes
The popularity of some animated characters are the reasons why most of the leading manufacturers are considering of updating their stocks with t-shirts that convey a range of fictitious cartoon characters. So the graphic representation of minions on t-shirts and hoodies from the silver screen introduces a sense of wit and humour as well as the underlying of depression to the sublimated clothing world. While the fusion of yellow, blue and white brings in some fresh fervour, the witty and relevant quotes add to the sense of novelty and practicality.

Angry birds in colorful prints
From the screen of your computer and smart phone to the arena of clothing, the sublimation printing method has made the impossible possible by giving way to striking pictures on the fabric. Though they have the word angry associated with them, the characters of Angry Birds have become the recent favorite amongst people of 6 to 60 in the ages. However, with the help of the new age sublimation technology the colors on the clothes, especially t-shirts, do not fade away easily and stay durable for a longer period of time. Cool and quirky they can notch up your fun yet chic quotient when worn with denim jeans and sneakers.

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