Run or Strength Training: What's The Best Way for You?

Run or Strength Training: What's The Best Way for You?

This question is a very confusing one, and most fitness enthusiasts do not seem to have a concrete answer. However, we have decided to bring you all the credible knowledge we could find on the matter, so that you can pick a side.

Fitness is a bespoke activity and there are a lot of variables in play which decide what kind of response an individual body will give. Want to know the pros and cons of both sides?

Here’s a look at what makes these training styles unique and how your choice should be goal oriented.

Strength training

As far strength training is concerned, gym clothes manufacturers are doing a fabulous job in making clothing that will make your performance better. But if you have to decide, then you must first know, what the discipline offers you.

For starters, there is increased muscle mass in the body, better bone strength, fat loss, and more strength. These are some of the main advantages that strength training offers and if these make up your fitness goals, then you should obviously pick this one.

Strength training is based on the principle of progressive overloading, and without it your growth as an athlete would stop. However, if you are injury prone or have weak joints that do not take strength training very well, then you should mix it up with other disciplines.

Our pick is yoga and some martial arts!

Running and endurance training

If you are low on stamina, want better lung and cardiovascular wellness, and like outdoors, then going for a run is your thing. This exercise gives you fresh air for your body and helps you keep the blood flowing throughout your entire body.

Running and endurance training needs special apparel from marathon clothes suppliers that ensure better body heat management, sweat evaporation, and UV protection. These are the qualities that give you better performance at what you do.

This exercise is also very effective in developing core strength and creating a balanced and lean body. However, if you want to pack on more muscle, then just plain running is not a good idea.

Running is extensive and runs that last more than 90 minutes release a stress hormone in the body called cortisol which can also have a catabolic effect. In that case, switch over to a little free hand calisthenics and high intensity interval training to keep your body looking muscular.

Now that you have a fair idea of both the options, the best one for you and your goals must have revealed itself. Just get in touch with a sports apparel retail store and pick specific clothing of your choice!


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