Serene White Dresses To Beat The Heat This Summer

Serene White Dresses To Beat The Heat This Summer

Is white your favorite color? Do you like to wear dresses? If you answered yes to both questions, you will be glad to know that white dresses will be everywhere this summer. Ranging from densely worked and embroidered to sheer and diaphanous, the options here are unlimited. Some white dresses are picture-perfect exuding summer vibes, while several others score high on the fashion and cozy meter.

Though it’s spring now and there is still some time left before you officially welcome summer, there is no harm in noting which white dresses you should put on this hot season, isn’t it?

So, without any delay anymore, let’s take a look at these nineteen eye-soothing, pretty women white dresses:

summer dresses for women

White Collared-Ribbed Dress

Miss your childhood days? A cute little collared ribbed dress has the power to take you waaaaay back. For the perfect finishing touch and to give off the “big kid” vibes with confidence, just add a pair of black Mary-Jane shoes and you will be all set.

White Tiered Dress

Dating back to the Victorian era when tiered clothing symbolized wealth and status, tiered dresses are a superstar in the modern era as well for their detailed look. Now, imagine a lovely white piece with a series of overlapping layers and a ribbon-tie strap. It’s flowy, fun, and easy to move!

White Sleeveless Everyday Midi Dress

Everyone has that one day during summer when it’s just too hot to put any thought into “what should I wear today?”. For such a day, your perfect solution this year is a sleeveless everyday midi dress. Got an hourglass figure? The bodycon feature of the dress will work well to enhance those sexy curves.

White Mini Shimmery Satin Dress

When you have a brunch date with your special someone, nothing can make you look more sophisticated and appealing at the same time as a mini shimmery satin dress. Bonus? The length keeps you cool and comfortable even when the temperature soars.

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White Bell-Sleeved Linen Dress

If you are the type who always prioritizes comfort more than fashion, you are going to fall for a bell-sleeved linen dress. Plain, simple, and extremely gentle on the skin, it’s the very definition of the word comfort. Wearing it, you will hardly feel it’s there on your body.

White Breezy Strapless Mini Dress

For that casual party when you want something that’s neither too flashy nor too simple, this breezy strapless mini dress fits the bill. The diagonal frill details add some personality to it and help you gain attention for all the good reasons. Complete the look with a matching white flower necktie and pencil-heeled slippers.

White Sleeveless Sexy Maxi Dress

With a plunging neckline, thigh-high front slit, and cut-out waist with an open back, this sleeveless maxi dress is every bit sexy and gives off “celeb from the Red Carpet” vibes. Throw on this alluring number and go for danglers and a clutch to grab some eyeballs at a party.

white summer dresses for women

White Peplum Dress

As the style looks very girlish and is a bit flowy, peplum dresses are considered to be ideal for the summer. And, when you wear a white version with a V-neck and thin straps, it elevates your look even more. For a full feminine effect, wear them with strappy heels.

White Basic Slip-On Dress

A minimalist? This basic slip-on dress is meant for you. Coming with spaghetti straps and a relaxed silhouette, it’s great for going shopping with friends or when you have movie plans with your boyfriend. Just put on a pair of studs, carry a sling, and throw on sneakers to complete the look.

White Asymmetric Ruched Mini Dress

Need to attend a party and don’t have time to iron your clothes? You won’t have to bother in the first place if you have this asymmetric ruched mini dress. Of course, to uplift the look, add some suitable accessories to the mix and you will be the talk of the night.

White Long Poplin Dress

Featuring a shirt collar, a sleeveless style, and an additional belt, this long poplin dress is what you need to throw on for the office. Other than giving you a refined appearance suitable for your workplace, it will keep you comfortable throughout the day, making sure you don’t become dripping wet by the time work is over.

white dresses for womens

White Crochet Flare-Sleeve Maxi Dress

A crochet flare-sleeve maxi dress with a plunging neckline is what you need when you wish to look attractive yet comfortable in summer. Now, whether you go for a bikini or a skintight dress underneath is up to you!

White Lacy Floral Dress

Are you into lace details? Well, this one with a floral touch is meant for frolicking! With a short length, puffed sleeves, and a sweetheart neckline, it can put you in a happy and cheerful mood even when it’s blazing hot. Yes, it’s that good!

White Cinderella-Inspired Gown

Every girl wants to look like a princess at least once in life and nothing can be better than a Cinderella-inspired gown with a satin fitted corset bodice and a voluminous floaty skirt. A truly classic and timeless piece.

White Pearl-Detailed Dress

Go for a ribbon-tie strap pearl-detailed dress and you are assured that all the compliments will be yours. To enhance the look even more, throw on pearl earrings and carry a pearl-studded clutch.

White Tube Midi Dress

The sleek tube dresses are back and aren’t going anytime soon. A weekend outing with friends? Put your faith in a simple white midi dress to make you look picture-perfect for the occasion.

White Lacy Long-Sleeve Mini Dress

Who says that beach days mean simple dresses, sarongs, and towels? A super short lacy dress with a flowy look, plunging neckline, and long sleeves can work great too!

White Linen Midi Dress

For that total easy-breezy look, throw on a V-neck linen midi dress. To remain comfortable, trust this one for all your errands. Can anything be more effortless than this one? No!

White Ultra-Slinky Ribbed Knit Dress

Are you someone who always likes to buy such pieces that can be worn pretty much everywhere? Well, this ultra-slinky ribbed knit dress is what you need to grab for sure if you don’t have one yet.

While you might have a few already in your wardrobe right now, making some additions beforehand will keep you ready to kill it in the summer! What do you say?

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