Should You Stock Wholesale Denim Shorts For Kids?

Should You Stock Wholesale Denim Shorts For Kids?

Babies’ jumpsuits are still one of the most popular wears in the kids department. But that is not to say other items haven’t charmed the parents. With the varieties that manufacturers and suppliers are offering, wholesale kids shorts sits atop that ‘other items’ list. Denim, cargo, plaid, sublimated- there are just too many varieties- for the small businesses and final consumers- to choose from.

Understanding before buying

Yes, today there exist many types and varieties of girls and wholesale boy shorts, but their demands are not necessarily equal or even consistent for that matter. So before you go on an ‘ordering spree’ where you bulk up every types and varieties considering their awesomeness, you need to take a moment and look at the market trend, parents’ preferences and your own customers’ demands.

Different season have different needs

Kids clothing niche is no different from that of grown ups’ in terms of repetitive seasonal trends. Different seasons- summer, winter, autumn, spring- brings in their demands for different types and varieties of shorts. For winter, denim wholesale kids shorts would do much better, while for summer, print or sublimated shorts would be the best alternative.

Not everyone will droll over new varieties– Even though the majority of parents have responded positively to the new varieties of shorts- denims, flannels and more- there are still few sections who are persistent with their demands of plain and simple shorts. What your customers want?

Trending in the market-This would have sounded fiction years back, but today even the kids clothing world have their own trends, and you should be perceptive of that all the time. Couple of years back we saw a spike in the demand for wholesale cargo shorts, while last year plaid shorts were gracing the majority of kids’ wardrobes. This and coming year, you never know, the evergreen wholesale denim shorts might come back in the spotlight again.

Considering your geographic location

There are global trends, there are national trends and then there are local or regional trend. Although the common sense says, over the course of time, these trends will match. But this is not always the case. So you won’t be benefitted much from bulking up a wholesale of what’s trending in the USA market if your business is located in Australia; or what’s trending in Florida if your business is based in Detroit.

Understanding all the above factors will help you make wise decision and get the best from your wholesale,

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