Some Of The Latest Athleisure Wear Trends For Women!

Some Of The Latest Athleisure Wear Trends For Women!

Activewear like leggings, biker shorts, jumpsuits, sports bra and others have become a part of woman’s modern wardrobe staple. But, these garments are no longer limited to their status as fitnesswear. Apart from these spandex-y staples being used for workout sessions, you can also wear them for weekend lounging, casual hangouts and working from home. If you are a business owner eager to update your athleisure clothing stock, do get in touch with a European wholesale clothing manufacturer, whose catalog includes stylish activewear collection.


The soft texture and figure-hugging tailoring of leggings make them a comfortable activewear that allows free movement for workout. Symbolizing freedom, style statement and femininity, this chic clothing has widened its scope for multi-purpose use as apparel for outdoor outings.


From ballet-inspired unitards to block-colored onsies, jumpsuits are the ongoing apparel preference for fitness fanatics. The energetic appeal of jumpsuits in bright colors is just what a woman needs to level up her exercise motivation and get running on the treadmill.

Biker Shorts

This sporty attire is a trend going strong this year. You can liven up your fitness spree by wearing a pastel or metallic pair or else, black is the smartest pick for such a wear.

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Sustainable Fabrics

As per the modern concept of fashion, your clothes should signify both comfort and style. In case of athleisure wear, sustainably-sourced technical fabrics are used. The sweat absorbent quality of this fabric can keep you cool and comfy as you hit the gym. For making your activewear a part of your everyday staple, versatility and durability are both necessary. So, you can easily look up high-quality athleisure outfits that are soft, stylish and skin-friendly.

Minimal Designs

Women with a refined taste in activewear will love the trend of clean lines and solid colors for workout attire in 2021. Less prints and patterns are what appeal to fitness enthusiasts like you who have a minimal aesthetic outlook for daily wear.

Sporty Coats

Athleisure-inspired outfits like sporty coats have been designed for warming up and for travel convenience to and from the gym. A tailored coat is perfect for going to the gym but for outdoor activities, puffer coats, shearling hoodies and raincoats can be a brilliant choice.

Thus, as you select your attire that complements both your sporty spirit and your feminine self, light shine, bright colors and playful finishes in athleisure wear should be your concern. To keep things trendy and smart, a garment that captures your dynamism is the new concept of athleisure wear styling. And if you are a retailer in search of fashionable activewear for women, get in touch with a wholesale clothing UK manufacturer, who offers magnificent activewear supply in bulk.

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