Sports Clothes Trends That Challenged the Conventional Over the Last 100 Years

Sports Clothes Trends That Challenged the Conventional Over the Last 100 Years

Mankind has been indulging in sports since ages. If you can trace the origin on the Olympics, you will find yourself walking with the Gods in Olympus. As far as spirit, drive, enthusiasm and performance is concerned, very little has changed over the passing eras. The only thing that has witnessed significant evolution though is the clothing dedicated to individual sports. Whether athletics or field sports, whether water or racquet sports the pace of evolution only appears to be gaining lightning speed through every passing year. Over the last 100 years, dramatic changes were introduced in the apparel trends that not just propelled performance of the payers but also added dazzle to the concerned sport.

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Take tennis for example. Even 3 decades years ago, players were allowed to wear nothing other than white whether in tees, shorts or shoes. The tees usually boasted a regular fit and the shorts were REALLY short! Taking a look at the grand slams today, fans usually get to witness splashes or colors in bright vibrant shades, slim fit tees, knee length shorts (that too in prints), performance shoes in eye catching shades and much more. Sports clothing wholesalers the world over have in fact slowed down manufacturing in crisp whites to an extent that they may be very difficult to locate.

As far as women’s tennis is concerned, a little more than a century ago, the ladies were seen playing their best shots in full length ruffled skirts, hats and shoes with limited heels. This may sound bizarre to many, but is true to the last word. Evolution took its course though, minimizing the dresses to more compact forms which eventually led to the impactful, power packed tennis gears we get to see on the women players today.

Coming to the world of cricket, this was also one of those popular sports that were played in crisp white gears. Recognized as the gentlemen’s game, elegance was one thing that needed to be maintained over comfort at all times. However, taking a look at the field today, this sport seems to be ruled by colors, with every team from every nation defined by the shades of their team wear. In this note, there is yet another fact that may raise a few eyebrows but is a fact that cannot be ignored. Did you know that wrestling as a sport in many places around the globe was performed in birthday suits! Thankfully, this trend is gone for good.

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