Sublimation Clothing Is A Raging Trend And For Good Reasons.. Read On

Sublimation Clothing Is A Raging Trend And For Good Reasons.. Read On

Without a doubt, one of the biggest apparel trends in 2016 (which was already in full swing in 2015) is sublimation. Dye sublimation process is a pioneering printing technique whose benefits are uncountable and it is high time that fashion clothing retail stores stock up on these garments to woo the fashion-forward, urban men and women.

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The reasons that contribute towards making wholesale sublimation clothing such a huge craze among fashionistas and dapper men all over the world are:

It is inarguably the best technology of printing on fabric. It is unlike the usual process of printing where the print/ink stays smeared all over the surface of the fabric. Dye sublimation process injects and infuses the ink with every fiber of the fabric and a marriage between the material and print takes place. Till date, it is considered as one of the sturdiest processes that mankind has witnessed in the world of clothing.

The clothes can be washed (machine or hand washed) as many times as one wants but the print simply won’t fade. This is one of the qualities of sublimation clothing wholesale that is celebrated by wearers across the globe.

With time, the prints start to chip, crack or even run with regular wash or perspiration. Any guesses with what happens to sublimation printed clothes? They are nearly immune to the chipping and cracking of prints. The design and print looks much brighter as compared to other processes.

This process is generally applied to polyester fabric and this material has great moisture wicking ability. The printing process does not interfere with the ability of the fabric to quickly dry and evaporate moisture and sweat because the ink becomes one and a part of the material.

Don’t think that sublimation manufacturers have only paid attention to creating a mark in the world of sports clothing, the fashion world too is getting the best of sublimation garments.

Wearers can expect full value on their investment. These power-packed garments provide durability, longevity, aesthetic appeal and functionality. The cost is further brought down for buyers purchasing in bulk.

There are a number of t-shirts, leggings and sublimation polo shirts suppliers and manufacturers that retailers and fashion entrepreneurs can choose from to add the sublimation clothing range which is very much in vogue and expected to remain so for at least a few more years. Hurry up before your competitor takes over your market share!

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