Tennis Clothing that Defies Length Staples

Tennis Clothing that Defies Length Staples

All sports clothing are designed to suit the nature and style of the concerned sport. Tennis is no different. Being considered as one of the most physically demanding racquet sports of this century, it is more than just imperative for the players to wear the right apparels while in the court. Besides the nature of fabric used in the clothing which has to be performance boosting in nature (in terms of absorbency, quick drying, light weight, breathable etc), the length and the cut of the clothing also makes massive difference. As far as men are concerned, comfortable pair of shorts with appropriate t shirts works wonderfully. For ladies, there is just about no limit to eye catching yet performance based tennis fashion trends.

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Length of tennis clothing is a very important factor while determining flexibility of the wearers while in court. These are the times when ladies are seen confident and completely comfortable in clothes that end a little over the thighs. This ensures non obstruction to leg movements especially while addressing difficult shorts like drop shots, down the line winners or even half volleys for that matter. Besides the length of the bottom wears the arm and shoulder areas of women’s tennis clothing creates a whole lot of difference in performance. Basically, the entire ball and socket joint of the shoulder and upper arm needs to be free of anything restrictive. Therefore, thin or thick straps form the best options to address the upper half of the clothing.

Most wholesale tennis clothes manufacturers follow these trends in order to add functionality to their stock. However, this certainly does not mean that the ladies who wish to wear something longer for the sport will be left without options. There are a number of tennis clothing types that defy the usual length staples yet offer good flexibility to the wearers in the upper and lower body. Long pants with half sleeves or 3/4th sleeves options are available aplenty in stores, none of which are restrictive in terms of cuts or fabric. Longer options in tennis clothing as these will never be available in the form of skirts and dresses for very obvious reasons. But pants in different flexible styles are being made more approachable than they were before.

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Till date, none of the grand slams over the years have budged from the shorter options and are least likely to do so in the near future. But, enthusiasts playing personal, academic or club level tennis have been seen carrying these options with confidence.

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