The Dressing Etiquette for Every Modern Man

The Dressing Etiquette for Every Modern Man

For many years, men have been spared the pain of dressing according to the occasions. Because they never had many options to explore with. The number of garments was limited. However, those days are way past us. With the men’s clothing department has evolved significantly over the last few decades, there comes an added responsibility. It is called dressing right. Yes, men too now have etiquettes to follow. They have to dress keeping in mind a number of things. You may be wondering what they are? Keep reading for the same has been summarized here.

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  1. Hats and overcoats are made of the same materials, and they have a way of standing out. But depending on the place of attendance. Taking off your coat and hat once you step indoors is not a mandate anymore. You can keep it on if the head and the body it is on permits. And as mentioned, it depends on the occasion as well. A hat and an overcoat to a wedding is a big no-no, but to a Sunday club, nothing can get better than that.
  2. Black tie means an occasion which requires you dress semi-formal, and if you hate donning a suit in conventional cuts, opt for a dark suit with a semi-casual tone. Go for relaxed fittings or replace the dress shirt with a polo or a flannel version as available in dark shades with top clothing manufacturers. Just don’t walk in your jeans and expect people to applaud you for your daring. Because it is plain and simple stupid.
  3. Dressing etiquette is not limited to just wearing the right garments. It has much to do with your behavioral appeal as well. Complimenting someone for their effort is the sincerest form of flattery, but giving unsolicited style advice is not welcoming at all. So keep your comments in check, and speak will only absolutely required.
  4. No matter which era we live in and how modern we become, no sunglasses can be accepted indoors or at night. And there is no exception to it.
  5. Dress according to the place of visit. Running shoes are great for hangouts at the coffee shop (even the museum), but not when you are hitting a club. Hence, keep in mind the place of visit and scan your closet accordingly.
  6. The modern world is about getting it all right. And the fit of the garments makes a large part of the “getting it all right” part. The tailoring should be such that it highlights your physique while hiding all the flaws. Know your measurement, and don’t settle for anything that is not impeccable.
  7. If you are unsure about an event, always dress up rather than dress down. Better be the guy in shirt and tie, rather than a guy in t-shirt and jeans.
  8. If you are doing a throwback look, remember that the key to getting the ensemble right is to balance the old and new perfectly. Don’t do a full-era inspiration look, for it looks out of place! Incorporate one modern aspect and stand out in the crowd.

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Thus, make sure you keep these norms in mind when dressing up or down; just when dressing in general. To get the right pieces, you need to search a little. However, top clothing wholesale distributor has a stunning collection to showcase. It includes everything from t-shirts to shirts to shorts to trousers. They are available for bulk purchase at a discounted price. Interested retailers can contact today!

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