The Fall-Winter Trends Perfect For The Urban Trend-Setter

The Fall-Winter Trends Perfect For The Urban Trend-Setter

Chances are that we are not going out until the next year maybe. However, don’t let it foil your plans to invest in trendy clothing for the next season. With 1 ½ months for the fall season to arrive, is time that you Marie Kondo your wardrobe to make room for the fancy clothing pieces that are great for flaunting in the crisp season. One of the popular wholesale clothing manufacturers have designed such apparel that women can have a look at. Hence, jump in to find out about the coolest trends to try out for the next season.


The tasseled trim was given an elevated touch by the designers this season. Instead of being made for the boho crowd, we’re seeing chic office skirts and more stylists are cutting their clothes with long carwash fringe. From jackets to even pants, expect to see this revival trend swarm the online stores next season.

Nouveau Grunge

For several seasons now the ‘90s has been the decade to dip into. But instead of mom jeans, designers have gone all in on the grunge movement. You can find safety pins secured tartan plaid skirts and dangled from fishnet tights. In fact the thrift-store-inspired petticoats have become a favorite of the models.


The shearling jacket has been going strong for years, but this fall it’s all grown up and out with a shaggy texture that is doing the most. The long-haired coat will dominate the feeds and ‘zines next season. Hence, it’s time to make room in your winter wardrobe for a thick, fuzzy friend.

Slinky Column Dress

Is there anything sexier than a slinky dress? The answer is no. This maxi dress is mostly favored with French fashion style long-sleeved turtleneck top wear. However if you have a penchant for athleisure you can style it with sporty knitwear.

Modern Cutouts

The cutout as we know it was elevated for grown women this fall. Instead of the tacky, 2000s styles we’re used to, delicate slits, undulating hip holes, and contemporary cutouts were revealed as the new way to wear the not-so-barely-there look. This sexy trend is perfect for a night out look as well.

Get in touch with one of the popular clothing manufacturers in Europe and checkout the vast assemblage of fall-winter apparel that the supplier has in store. Communicate your wholesale needs to the help team to get cool discounts on the selected products, hence hurry.

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