The Leggings Trends to Concentrate on This Season!

The Leggings Trends to Concentrate on This Season!

Leggings are no doubt one of the most sold items of fitness wear today. Getting your leggings section right could mean half the job is done – of course you have to consider the gender divide of your customer base too. But, there is no question that most women prefer to workout with leggings or yoga pants, than tracks.

Therefore, you need to find the right trends in leggings – it is an absolute must. And since we are such good Samaritans, we have brought you the latest trends in the apparel, so that you can make the right wholesale womens leggings bulk orders. Are you ready? Let’s take a look –

Meshy Leggings

See what we did there? Ok, but seriously – mesh leggings are so in right now – manufacturers really don’t know how else to make them. There are plenty of variations in colors, patterns, and designs. In fact, if you see the bright side of things, mesh leggings are advantageous as well.

They allow ventilation during heavy workouts and that is always appreciated if you are a sweater. Mesh is flexible and stylish – and it gives a sort of 3D effect to your leggings, something that no other pattern can quite give you.

The Yoga Colors Trends

There is no doubt that yoga is becoming a widely popular form of holistic well-being in the west and that is affecting the overall fashion of fitness wear. From the zen colors to patterns that are a bit trippy and a lot peaceful – yoga leggings are the new way to workout.

Another advantage of this trend is that it is exciting enough to wear outside when you are not going for a workout. Think that’s exciting – we bet it is and you need to have this one on your retail racks for the coming season!

Christmas is coming

Since it is going to Christmas time in a few months, there is no question that Christmas prints, and colors are going to be in demand. Go for reds, greens, and blues and make sure there are a bunch of happy motifs as well. These leggings look great when paired with white monochromes and boots – and that could be your customers’ staple outerwear till winter. Plus, such designs are also available with all fitness clothing suppliers, so finding it will not be a problem!

These are the 3 trends of leggings that should be on your retail scope and targeting similar designs will likely resonate with your female customers a lot more. So, what are you still waiting for? Get your bulk orders in now and you will be able to get delivery within no time!


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