The Popularity of Basketball Jersey Shorts Extends to Lounging Activities-Check Out!

The Popularity of Basketball Jersey Shorts Extends to Lounging Activities-Check Out!

The cosmopolitan image of high-waist, basketball shorts with knee-high socks and a sweatband across the forehead may look vintage to most of us. However, these earlier shorts were very uncomfortable for the players since they were unable to wick away sweat and moisture, offering lower breathability. Over the years, the styles of these shorts have transformed to such an extent that they can now be worn outside the basketball court for their dry, moisture-wicking qualities and smart designs. With choices aplenty, here we present some of the widely used basketball shorts that are meant to suit different requirements, be they athletic or lounging.

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The basic version of the basketball shorts are quite popular amongst men. Coming in different color options such as green, yellow and red, they usually come with or without pockets, both elastic waists and drawstrings. However, despite their rudimentary structures, they are perfect to offer absolute comfort and precise fit. To find these shorts in different moisture-wicking and mesh fabrics, you can contact a well known jersey maker basketball online.


There is little difference between basic and warm-up shorts. While basic varieties are worn individually with t-shirts, these are meant to be tried over game shorts. Both professional and school or college players can simply slip into a pair of warm-up shorts for better comfort and relaxation. However, these are often put on beyond the boundaries of basketball matches. You can find both types of shorts in different colors like blue, tangerine, green and canary yellow at the online hubs of basketball jersey manufacturers. So purchase them all and wear them with plain t-shirts.


Don’t you wish for a pair of pants that you could convert into shorts as per your mood and preference? Well, fashion designers have granted your wish and come up with convertible shorts that are ideal for unpredictable weather. So when it’s too hot outside, you are not required to change into another pant. All you have to do is open the zippers at the knees and fold the legs back to make shorts. A basketball player or not, this versatile piece is a must have for every man who is active inside and out.

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While you purchase these pants from a reliable basketball jersey design maker, make sure that they come in proper fits and styles to suit your requirements, whether you are an athlete or not.


Often considered breakaway pants, these are generally worn by casual athletes. Due to their cool features commoners are often seen to have tried them out as well while lounging around with friends. Coming with buttons and snaps at the sides of each leg, they typically allow the wearer, especially players to rip them apart, as the name itself suggests, in order to hit the court quickly.

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