The Season's Top 5 Trends that You Can't Wait to Slip into

The Season's Top 5 Trends that You Can't Wait to Slip into

The trends in fashion come and go but this season designers have curated a few jaw-dropping styles that seem to be in fashion for long. From the bold takes on shoulder slants to quirking up the denim diction to new twist to the plaids and white shirt- there’s a line-up of new looks that any fashion forward woman would want to jump up to for exclusive dress-up. So scroll down to check out each trend below.

Shoulder slants
After the arrival of bare shoulder dresses, designers have recreated the style with slanted one shoulder options which has caught the fancies of fashionistas across the world. From party dresses to gowns this novel design with asymmetrical neckline adds a dash of verve and intrigue to the entire outfit, be it a party dress, casual top or stylish gown.Wholesale Clothing ManufacturerDenim daze
Denim, the classic and timeless fabric, is more than just jeans. Designers are constantly experimenting with this comfort fabric to evolve a whole new wardrobe of dresses, trousers, jackets and even statement-making coats that encourages fresh style ideas for different occasions. Now though there has been an exploration of casual to party fashion choices, the denim jeans craze is definitely not over yet.

With popularity of denim casual and formal fashion touching the apex of success, bulk purchasers can bank on these outfits from their Wholesale Clothing manufacturer online and woo their customers across the globe.

Plaids redux
The resurgence of plaid fashion in Spring is certainly a novel thing to look forward to that challenges the long-prevailing notion of wearing flannel in colder days. With the use of diaphanous fabric, the classic print gets an unprecedented makeover this season that helps keep the body comfortable and at ease throughout the time. From shirts to trousers to coats and jackets, the options are aplenty and are available in a distinct combination of colors and patterns. For instance, the wide-legged trousers, coming in a fusion of black, white and grey, top off a stylish appearance, when teamed with basic white shirt and red stilettos.Wholesale Clothing Manufacturing CompaniesSince the wholesale market is erupting with Spring-inspired plaid garments choices, retailers can extend their stocks with them and meet the top rated wholesale clothing manufacturing companies to place their orders in bulk.

Pretty pleats
Pleating takes chicer turn as designers have been exploring new horizons of fashion with the bend of the fabric. The sculptured pleats in skirts and dresses add some structure to body while cinching a stunning look. A black and white striped top with asymmetrical hemline can be well teamed up with a high slit skirt in stripes of yellow and black. To pull off a chic babe style, don a pair of white platform heels with nude shoe straps.

White shirt revival
A white button-down shirt in crisp cotton fabric may be an utterly formal getup for most, but the staple clothing now gets a novel touch with the addition of ruffles and slashed patterns. The party styled buttoned-down shirts, made of different materials like satin, linen, cotton and silk, features embellished collars as well as ruffles on the sleeves and shoulder blades.

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