The Summer Style Statements 2017 by The Leading Wholesale Clothing USA Suppliers

The Summer Style Statements 2017 by The Leading Wholesale Clothing USA Suppliers

Summer is a season where one can experiment the most when it comes to embracing the biggest fashion trends. From sticking to the bikinis on the sea beaches while traveling, to layering with light kimonos, you have the ultimate freedom to choose clothes though keeping the comfort quotient in mind. The retail store make sure to add the best summer styles to their stocks, from the manufacturers to entice the customers, and you are bound to check them out in a wide variety of styles, designs, colors, prints and cuts.

Though the cold shoulder trend is still in huge demand even in this year, you cannot deny the fresh new oodles of style statements that have made a swift entry in summer 2017. The leading designers are curating the catwalk trends into mainstream fashion scenario, to help the women get a wide array of silhouettes, looking no less than divas.

To enlighten you some more about this year’s newbies in fashion, here are some style trends brought forth by the leading wholesale clothing USA suppliers.

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Retro party throwback

If you are not the shy one and always look out for the daring fashion statements, this year for the party nights, it is time for throwback to the 80’s era. From the metallic shades, to the disco leggings, neons, one shoulder dresses, short minis and spandex clothing pieces are creating a stir. They are perfect to be worn to the party nights on the weekends for some different flavours.

Fashion with utility

Designers today have cottoned the fact that fashion is synonymous to function, and hence have brought in formal and work wear or athletic clothing that is a blend of style and utility. They come in relaxed shapes, muted shades for office wear and colourful for the gym.

Shout out with slogans and logos

It is time to let your tees and tee dresses do the talking, as the slogan and logo clothing style is completely in rage. On can play the dual role of looking stylish, and also expressing some idea or through or message that they believe in, from a philosophy to supporting a sports person, and lot more to experiment with.

The deconstructed shirt style

The usual shirt designs have taken a backseat casual occasion, and the interesting style of deconstructed shirts have come into existence. The off-the-shoulder trend is still going strong, but now the designers are getting getting ruffles, over-sized sleeves, peek-a-boo cut-outs and even cropped shirts to be worn with skirts, or trousers with flair and perfection, exuding a funky stance.

Ruffles are here to stay

The runways have been witnessing the ruffled clothing styles for a long time now, and design houses thought of materializing them for the mainstream clothing styles too. The ruffled clothing styles come in the form of the tops, dresses and tunics.

Time to clash your colors

It is time this year to clash your colors, be it the odd combination too. From the neons, to the pastels or muted shades and vibrant colors, the bright blue and grass green, pink and yellow, blue and red, purple and pink, the choice is endless.

Athletic is here to stay

No matter how many summers come, athletic infused into athleisure is here to rule the global fashion scene. Sports luxe isn’t going anywhere and the tracksuit tops to leggings and drawstring-pulled nylon, cycling shorts are there for you, crafted by the reputed wholesale clothing USA hubs.

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