This Is How You Can Dress Like The Famous Sitcom Characters

This Is How You Can Dress Like The Famous Sitcom Characters

While Sex and the City reboot and Friends reunion grabbed some attention and generated a buzz, the 90s and the early 2000s era is bringing back some TV show nostalgia. Other than the catchy theme songs and the quirky humor, one of the most special things about many popular sitcoms is the unforgettable outfits that continued to inspire the wardrobe of many for a long time and still have the power to do so, especially 90s fashion. It has offered unlimited style inspiration in the last few decades.

The ladies of that time, be it Rachael Green from friends or Elaine Benes from Seinfeld, dominated the small screens in their trend-setting attires and proved that whether it’s leather skirts and tops, animal print blazers, denim jackets or slip dresses, anything can be worn if you know how to wear it with confidence.

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While Fran Fine’s Moschino became a household name and her soft corner for miniskirts was deep-felt, Rachel Green’s popular haircut and her effortless girl-next-door look was a favorite of many women. The influence of the famed sitcom characters was clearly felt across all aspects of the fashion zone.

Want to look as cool and happening as your dear sitcom artists? Be ready as you get to know how to copy their style and yet maintain a bit of your individuality.

Rachel Green’s Fashion-Forward Clothing Ideas

Dress Like The Famous Sitcom Characters

It’s true that Rachel, in the later Friends seasons, worked at Ralph Lauren, but you will admit like many that right from day 1, her fashion sense remained super approachable and breezy throughout the popular TV show. Whether it’s the uber-stylish pieces like fluffy pink sweaters and leopard print blazers or something more eye-soothing such as Hawaiian shirts and puff-sleeve crop tops, she knew out to win over hearts. The secret? Be as creative as you can with your imagination and think differently!

Designer Outfits Of Fran Fine Within a Set Budget

Dress Like The Famous Sitcom Characters

Probably one will never be able to understand how the Jewish fashion diva from Flushing managed to turn a nanny’s mere salary into a totally exciting designer closet of coordinated suits, sexy miniskirts, studded leather jackets, sheer stockings, and eye-catching patterns but with a smart and careful approach, you too can bring out your inner Fine, provided you know how to use your money right.

Elaine Benes Style With a Modern Twist

Dress Like The Famous Sitcom Characters

The typical working girl of the 90s, taken to be a bad dancer in Seinfeld, was shown favoring the suede fringe jackets initially, though her sense of style developed and became more improved throughout the later seasons of the show as she sported extremely adorable blazers and power suits. One thing here that most will agree with is that she was truly a master and a professional of the high-low mix. To create your own Benes look, you can add brooches and danglers with the outfits and a classic cowboy jacket will also work great as outerwear, instead of a blazer.

Hilary Banks’ Unusual Fashion Sense

Dress Like The Famous Sitcom Characters

With an unending budget with her, whenever Hilary Banks, the money-hungry snob appeared on the screen in technicolor blouses, halter-necks, cut-outs, skirts and lacy tuxedo combinations, she gave some major wacky fashion goals. Oh no, you don’t need to possess Uncle Phil’s card for it, but what you do need is a fearless approach to style and 100% confidence in your ability to carry out the look. For a total swoon-worthy appearance among your friends and in front of your sweetheart, feel free to modify it based on how you feel it should be in your time.

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