Top Airport Outfit Choices: Some Crazy Inspiration For You!

Top Airport Outfit Choices: Some Crazy Inspiration For You!

Exploring a new destination has its own adrenaline rush but decking up for the perfect airport outfit choices has a completely different level of excitement. Blended with the anticipation of the trip ahead, this OOTD forms an extremely integral part of the much hash tagged #airportdiaries. While traveling you have to stay up in style and spending hours curating that look in your head can be quite challenging! However, when dressing up for a flight the focus should be comfort-driven as well. Therefore, the airport fashion realm is gradually gaining traction and you need to be prepared.

Wondering Why Airport Fashion Has Become Important?

Making its move beyond a statement it’s all about setting up your travel vibe as well. The way you dress up for the airport shows your mood of the entire travel. Also, the way you dress up also has a direct influence on your mind. Therefore, if you dress up in a nice way you will also feel confident and positive and this will eventually make your journey even more enjoyable and thus airport fashion is not only in style but also important.

Now Let’s Focus On What’s Trending

Fashion is all about styling and keeping comfort at an elemental level. Especially when you are on-boarding a flight and it is a long-haul one, comfort should always come first. As such, the airport look should be curated in a manner that blends fashion, function, and comfort. The athleisure trend is much in vogue which is perfect to be incorporated in the airport fashion. This look is all about creating a cool and stylish vibe with comfort at the forefront.

  • The Athletic Hybrid Style:

    It has an aesthetically pleasing design element and color palette that makes it easy for everyday wear as well. The trend has made its debut for the airport OOTD and has never left since then. However, there are much more that have come up with time. With stylish pieces coming to the spotlight, the ever-evolving world of fashion has found Instagram influencers and celebrities flaunting their trendy airport looks.

  • Sporting The Sweatshirt Look:

    Undergoing a sophisticated transformation these classic sweatshirts have become an airport staple that have slowly made their way into the trend charts. The oversized sweatshirt with quirky prints or with stylish embellishments is a perfect airport attire that makes you feel warm and comfortable and increases your fashion quotient. Airports and flights are usually cold and therefore sweatshirt is that perfect attire which can give you a cozy hug.

  • Put That Hoodie Look On:

    The athleisure trend blends both style and comfort. Hoodies are one of the primary clothing pieces when it comes to athleisure fashion. Having the potential to pair with multiple lowers like leggings, jeggings, joggers, and denim, hoodies can be that perfect travel buddy to get you into the groove.

  • Bold In The Blazer:

    Some extra drama can be created with a blazer outfit instead of a hoodie. Blazers give a slightly serious tone to your look. However, you can break the monotony or the seriousness of the attire with an informal lower. This fusion look can be an absolute hit when you do not want to let your travel vibe out.

  • Baggy Tops Are The Must-Haves For The Airport Look:

    These loose-fitting friends can be your ultimate comfort companion while you are all set to enjoy your vacation. The baggy tops are not only trending but also are available in empty patterns, designs, and motives by which you can convey your travel thoughts. The “vacay mode on” baggy tops are very much in vogue these days.

  • Look Your Best With Maxi Skirts:

    If you want to look your best and also flaunt that petite glam figure, then this maxi skirt can be your go-to travel look. The skirts provide enough room for comfort and also help bring a charming vibe and go well with almost any kind of top sweatshirt baggy shorts. However, the best do would be to go fitted for the upper and pair it up with this maxi skirt.

  • Options For The Bottomwear:

    Many travelers choose leggings or jeggings as their go-to travel partners as they provide style and flexibility. The sweatpants or the flowy trousers also add a very nice look. Additionally, cargo pants which look extremely stunning have a rugged edge to them. Paired with bubble shirts, these will look extremely cute or you could also pair these lowers with cropped cardigans or the options mentioned above.

7 Drop Dead Airport Outfit Choices By Hollywood Celebrities

top outfit ideas from hollywood celebrities

This airport fashion look has been celebrated among Hollywood celebrities as well. Let’s take a sneak peek into the stunning airport looks donned by these celebrities which bring out the undeniable grace.

Blake Lively’s Monochrome White Airport Look:

This look went viral when Lively was spotted wearing an all-white trench coat paired with stretch cotton cropped pants. The entire ensemble looked posh, comfortable and extremely chic. For an airport look, this attire can be a real show-stopper.

Style Tip: Complete the look with white sneakers or you could also wear a denim jacket which never goes out of fashion. A black tote bag can add a mild seriousness to this look.

The Jet-Set Glam Look Of Priyanka Chopra:

This glamour-tailored look consisted of high-waist trousers and a blazer paired with a statement sunglass. The global fashion icon was spotted with all her charm demonstrating, that to embrace comfort you don’t have to compromise on style. This look had a subtle feminine charm that made it very trendy.

Style Tip: Oversized glasses and bags can be the friends you need for this look.

Cute And Sporty Zendaya Look:

In one of her airport appearances, Zendaya was spotted flaunting a stylish tracksuit along with sneakers and oversized glasses. This effortlessly combined look has a feminine and chic vibe to it that made all Instagrammers follow the trend like a mantra.

Style Tip: With this look, you could pair a sling bag to add a pop of color to your attire if you are choosing a monochromatic palette.

Margot Robbie’s Popular Airport Look:

Recently featured in the Vogue magazine, Margot Robbie‘s new airport look was much talked about. Spotted in a pink oversized blazer she flaunted her petite charm through a white tube top and paired it with a pink cabin luggage. For the lower, she went with ankle-length loosely fit trousers which had a high waist.

Style Tip: For your airport, if you are looking for a more sensuous yet feminine look then this can be your Bible.  You could replace the tube top with trending bubble shirts as well.

Traveling With The Boho Vibe On, Gigi Hadid Style:

What can be more feminine than a flowy long dress that gives you a chic bohemian look? Gigi Hadid was spotted sporting this pretty girly look on one of her airport appearances. The much-talked appearance was later restyled by many Instagram influences.

Style Tip: Choose a lightweight fabric for your dress and pair it with group denim jackets and light and comfortable sandals.

Kendall Jenner Athleisure Airport Look:

In one of her airport appearances, she was spotted flaunting Christian Louboutin with baggy cargoes along with a sports jacket. She braided her short hair sideways to give a clean and compact look and took a black duffel bag alone as her luggage accessory.

Style Tip: To replace the luxury boots you could go for comfortable slip-ons or a pair of white sneakers along with this athleisure look. Instead of a crop top, you could also pair it with baggy sweatshirts or cotton cover-ups as alternatives. However, keeping the duffel bag by your side might be helpful!

Kim Kardashian’s Bold And Sensuous Look:

the jelly fashion trend

Kim Kardashian is known to sport her bold and sensuous look and to raise her style game she was spotted wearing a snug fit lower with high heels and a fur-based puffer jacket on top. Paired with oversized glasses, this look simulated the Jelly fashion trend. Along with the sleek hairdo it created a stunning look that was indeed drop-dead gorgeous.

Style Tip: The fur jacket look can be an extremely fashion-forward choice that aligns itself with the notions of comfort. For people who like it comfortable, sneakers are a good option, while for people who can boldly carry themselves on high heels can go for sexy heels or boots. With your upper on the bigger side, try and keep your hair sleek which creates a slim look.

airport outfit choices

Incorporating these Hollywood celebrity-inspired elements you could transform an adult airport look into a fashion statement, demonstrating comfort, charm and feminine grace – all harmoniously coexisting at the same time. The key is to find the balance that resonates with the trend and your personal fashion identity. So, the next time you plan or travel do curate an airport look that talks about the mood you set for your trip. Until next time keep the style meter high!

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