Try The Beach Cover-up, The Latest Plus-Size Trend This Year!

Try The Beach Cover-up, The Latest Plus-Size Trend This Year!

Plus size trends are raging supreme on the covers of mainstream fashion magazines and it could not have been a better time for positive body image. The whole movement has gained momentum and many of the current summer trends are being shaped in a way to reduce body consciousness and give everyone the opportunity of having fun at the beach.

One such is the beach cover-up. It looks like the whole set-up is inspired by the kimono and if one were to make serious sense of it, then the cover-up is definitely revolutionary. Now, let’s take a look at how you can use it during your beach visits this summer!

1.The cover-up layered with a block colored long dress!

If your plan is to just hit a beach restaurant and enjoy some long island iced tea and mojitos, then this combo is going to do your fashion some good. Wearing a block colored sundress with the perfect heels and then matching it up with a floral cover-up is a great idea. Accessorize with the right beach hat, a pair of cool shades, and the right sort of hand bag that will give you the posh look. If you want some sand in between your toes, then the flip flops would be good enough, and you can just enjoy your cocktail, while looking at the horizon as the surfer’s surf and children build sand castles.

2.The cover-up with the beach swimsuit

A lot of wholesale clothing Canada retailers are pairing the cover-up with the beach swimsuit on their mannequins and fashion magazines are not far behind either. Plus size swimsuits are trending more than ever before and the whole look just becomes way more stylish when you add in the beach cover-up. Just make sure that your swimsuit is in contrast with the accessory, in terms of colors and patterns. The best idea is to wear a block colored plus size swimsuit with a floral cover up – that just gives a way more slender look.

3.Layer the cover-up with casuals

Casuals are the backbone of summer fashion and if you can use the beach cover-up right with these apparel, then your entire wardrobe will open up new opportunities of fashion for you. One could try to pair up shirts and polo tees with shorts and wrap it up with the coverup. It’s a good beach look, but you could still wear it during your other day visits. Add some accessories, if you are in fact heading towards saltwater and sand; things like hats, shades, wristbands, and neckpieces would work wonders.

The beach cover-up is fast becoming one of the favorites of wholesale clothing USA suppliers and doing really well on the continent that resides on the other side of the Atlantic. It seems as if the whole western world is smitten by the beach cover-up and you should probably try your luck with it too!

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