What Is This Bow Trend All About Making a Buzz In 2024!

What Is This Bow Trend All About Making a Buzz In 2024!

From delicate fashion movements like the coastal cowgirl to the more crazy-popular Barbiecore, 2023 saw an explosion in women-oriented fashion trends. In 2024, another very girly element is making headlines and that is the bows. In fact, in the latter half of last year, searches for the term “bow” rose steadily in Google.

Simple, pretty, and ultra-feminine, most women are fans of the bows. While conventionally, they were often thought of as an embellishment for hair clips or heels, they are now everywhere. They are one of the hottest fashion trends. Bows of all kinds are enjoying attention right now and you can be pretty sure that they aren’t going to be outdated anytime soon. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though, as in general, the coquette trend is still going strong. It’s a style that is all about incorporating an ultra-feminine look, dealing with lace, pearls, dainty details, rosy cheeks, and of course, the bows.

From the runways to social media to every high street store, you can spot this style almost everywhere graphic bows sprayed on denim and printed on t-shirts, bows added as an embellishment on chunky knits, and practical bows used to tie cardigans together. While for an Irish fashion designer, models wore them in their long, dangling pearl earrings and glued to the undersides of their eyes, a famed NYC-based fashion label displayed supersized bows on large bags with drooping material falling at the shoulder. As per experts, they can also be used as shoelaces as they will add a touch of beauty to everyday casual. To get a French-inspired look, silk scarves can also be tied in a bow around the strap of a handbag.

For the millennials, bows are the best way to achieve a young, youthful look in no time, and for Gen Z, it’s an integral part of their life.

Incorporating Bows Into Your Wardrobe And Uplifting Your Everyday Style

Want to know how to add bows to your wardrobe and elevate your everyday style? Keep reading.

ultimate bow style fashion

Grab a blouse that is the perfect amalgamation of the three most loved trends bows, gingham, and peter-pan collar. For a chic, weekend look, you can layer it with your favorite denim and plenty of gold jewelry.

Bows offer you the freedom to dress them up and down as per the occasion. And, when you get hold of a long neck-knot bow top, things become even easier. It’s a must-have if you are someone who always likes to ensure that their investment is not going to be out of fashion anytime soon.

Have a soft corner for hats? Get a bucket hat this year that comes with a bow as a finishing touch. It elevates the look of the practical buy. You can use such a hat for different reasons, like wearing it on bad hair days, for sunny dog walks, and festivals.

ultra feminine bow style looks

Imagine bow earrings. They can give the sweetest finishing touch to any outfit. If you are searching for a subtle way of incorporating this trend into your look, consider pairing bow earrings with a plain t-shirt and denim jeans. You can also match them with an A-line dress.

You can still channel it at home if you are not yet ready to take it out on the streets. Get a pretty bow headband and wearing it you can lounge in the bathtub, apply skincare, and wash your face.

A basic plain crisp white tee is a classic and when mixed with an embellished bow at the front, it offers a casual yet cute appearance. With a ribbed trim around the neckline and in an oversized fit, it’s suitable for everyday wear. If you are looking for a more feminine look, go for the one that comes with subtle cut-out details as well.

bow earrings 2024

Always went for the classic style in jeans? For a change, how about trying a pair that comes with little bows on the sides? It can add a dash of fashion to any simple look. And, if you wish to appear your best, team it up with a white tee and some trainers.

Get your hands on bows in any form and by using them you will earn loads of compliments for sure.

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