Woman's Plus Size Tops – Celebrating the Curvy Fashionista

Woman's Plus Size Tops – Celebrating the Curvy Fashionista

Not every woman is petite and slim! Neither are these two body types’ meant to be the ones making all the fashion statements. Gone are the days when the plus sized woman needed to think and re-think her fashion buys. Designers today have come up with some elegant and modish range of plus size tops for women that would make our curvy and voluptuous women, fashionistas of their own kind. So is your a retail store specializing in women’s designer attires? Or are you a private businessman dealing in ladies garments? If yes, invest in the latest range of fashionable plus size tops to woo in your women customers and earn greater profits.

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Today, expert manufacturing houses specializing in woman’s plus size tops has carefully scanned and analyzed the plus size woman’s body type and her needs. Thus, the tops designed, manufactured and supplied are easy to wear, spacious, got the right cuts to give proper shape and are made in modern day designs like ruffles or plaids that would make it stand out. Some of the best product variants include:

  • Asymmetrical Tunics – Considered to be one of the best variants of plus size tops for women, asymmetrical tunics are irregular towards the lower hemline. They exude a bohemian look with a touch of class. The material is light and of premium quality. Usually, available in prints it can be paired up with trousers or Capri pants.
  • Peasant Tops – This category of tops do complete justice to plus size woman who are a bit heavy on their waist and gluts. The tops usually come in three-quarter sleeves and an A-line cut that gives a slimmer contour to the body.
  • Street Wrap Tunics – A mix of feminine elegance and designer coture, this category of tops has stylish pleats in front. The upper torso flow is almost A-line making the body look slim and well defined. Available in rich colour shades, this can be alternated between casual as well as party wears.
  • Jail Break Tops – This appears to be like casual plus size tops but has slight difference. Though not close body fit jail break tops have a great body fit and has an arched lower hemline. It can be worn with skirts as well as trousers.


For filling your shop and retail stores with the new product variants of woman’s plus size tops you need to place your bulk order with a leading manufacturing house. You can email your requirements and expect attractive price deals and a timely delivery.

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