Your Wholesale Clothing Collection will Fail This Summer (!!!)-7 Reasons

Your Wholesale Clothing Collection will Fail This Summer (!!!)-7 Reasons

In the clothing market, with customers’ demands as diverse as it is today, wholesaling has never been this difficult. In fact, one of the biggest differences between the successful retailers and the not-so-successful ones is the former group knows how to wholesale-the kind of wears to buy, the ways to customize the bulk and the factors to prioritize atop.

Whether you’re a new market entrant or have been in the market for long enough, if you haven’t given sufficient thought to your summer apparel collection, the coming and promising season will be a big disappointment.

In fact, here are 7 reasons why your wholesale clothing collection will fail this summer-

There’s no evident difference in your “summer collection”

Summer, winter or spring, your collections are same round the season. No wonder your sale is consistently low and you’re struggling with meager profit margin. So if you’ve stocked the same varieties of tops and bottoms for this coming season, expect no difference in your revenue.

You think it’s still 2007

The fashion scene has changed significantly in the past few years. In fact, some of the range that were trending last seasons are nowhere to be found now. No more are those regular t-shirts, shorts and trousers the wardrobe go-to for summer; new varieties have taken over.

You have wholesaled what others (competitors) have

First, apparel retailers are always advised to not to copy the competitors, for they (and their target customers) have distinct needs and preferences. But even when copying, one has to be strategic. Walking the footsteps of the top and successful rivals is the right way to hit the chords correctly. So if you’ve copied your any and every competitor when wholesaling apparels, you’ll be disappointed with your sales this summer.

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You haven’t personalized your bulk

With market competition ever-so-high and customers more demanding than ever, customizing your apparel wholesale isn’t optional anymore, it’s essential! So you must personalize your collection to suit individual customer’s distinct needs and requirements adequately. If not, your target audience can easily find a better alternative to you.

You have no idea what’s ‘in’ on the fashion scene

You’ve purchased your wholesale mens clothing because that’s what your manufacturer was offering you or you’ve bulked a variety because you “think” your customers will like it. If you’ve done this, summer won’t be happy for you. Everyone wants to stay ahead of the fashion trends—even your target audience. So, you must know what’s trending on the scene, what the crowd is rallying behind.

You’re reluctant in the quality of your wholesale

While you must be careful about the quality of your apparel wholesale round the season, summer’s the time when customers want “the best”. So it is essential that the fabric material of your clothing is top-notch; they highlight active wicking and ventilation properties, and render a comfy fitting. If not, you’re going to (again) disappoint your customers—and yourself.

You’re targeting EVERYONE!!!!

Gone are the days when targeting everyone meant higher sales. With high market competition, it is important that you venture selected niche clothing market and target selected consumer groups. If you’re targeting everyone, with spread attention, chances are, you’re going to make low sales.

These are 7 reasons – signs, in fact – that your wholesale clothing collection will fail to woo your target customers this summer. Now you know, fix the wrongs and welcome higher sales and profit. Contact one of the best wholesale clothing distributors in Australia today.

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