Modern Day Halloween Costume Ideas 2023: Being Spooky yet Different!

Modern Day Halloween Costume Ideas 2023: Being Spooky yet Different!

Yeah, yeah, Halloween is on the 31st of October, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start prepping beforehand for the spookiest and the most exciting night of the year! After all, it takes a lot of time and creativity to come up with the ideal outfit. While the good old traditional costumes of witches and vampires still make people scream, if you wish to try something different this year, then consider the modern culture Halloween costumes. They will allow you to recreate some of the best movie and TV characters of this year!

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Whether you intend to spend the night trick-or-treating or have got that friend’s Halloween party invitation, here are some of the best modern culture costumes from which you can choose the one that suits your style:

Beth And Rip From Yellowstone

In November, the final season of Yellowstone premiers. So, if you are a huge fan of the drama series, then there is no better time to be a live reminder to everyone to watch the show! How? Go for a “Beth and Rip’’ couple costume. An exceptional wedding look will definitely grab eyeballs. For Beth’s look, a gold dress and a leopard print fur coat will be great, while Rip just needs a few cool additional accessories such as a cowboy hat and a statement belt.

Princess Ariel

After watching The Little Mermaid, did you want to be a part of that world? Well, now is your chance! You can transform into the lovely Ariel with just a few things like a shell top, a mermaid tail skirt, and a few accessories such as a fish bracelet and starfish clips. Don’t forget to carry your bestie, flounder with you (in the form of a cute soft toy).

Ted Lasso

Do you like the AFC Richmond coach, Ted Lasso? Is the character an all-time favorite? How about dressing as Ted himself this year? You don’t need to do much to copy the style since it’s simple and casual. All you need to do is get a tracksuit, a visor, a whistle, a pair of iconic aviator sunglasses, and as a finishing touch, a brown mustache (grown your own or you can buy one).

Barbie, Pretty In Pink

With Barbie’s success worldwide, how about getting all “dolled up“? Be Margot Robbie. Dress in a pretty pink ensemble. A baby pink Gingham dress, a pair of matching pink pumps, and a white floral necklace and earrings are all that you are going to need. You can also persuade your boyfriend to be your ‘Ken‘! Think a sleeveless jean jacket with the buttons open and denim jeans on a hot body.

halloweeen barbie attire

Little Death Trap, Miss Wednesday Addams

Talking Halloween, it’s impossible to leave out Wednesday Addams. Ladies who just love that dark side of Halloween and have always had a thing for vampires and witches can think of being Wednesday Addams this year. While Jenna Ortega portrayed the classic character created by the American cartoonist Charles Addams perfectly, you too can rock the look! Get a Peter Pan collar black knee-length dress, thigh-high socks, and Mary Jane shoes, and go for the signature braids with bangs hairstyle!

vampires and witches attire for halloween

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